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    About the drug Penegra

    What is Penegra?

    Penegra is designed to restore erectile function and increase potency. It is based on the formula of Viagra and is a rather popular generic drug. The product is made on the basis of natural components by innovative technology, due to which the effect of its reception is maintained for a long period of time. Penegra helps qualitatively restore erectile function, get rid of premature ejaculation, and also increase the duration of sexual contact several times. With regular use of the remedy, the patient's penis size increases, general health improves, and immunity rises.

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    How Penegra Works?

    Penegra acts similarly to most drugs in this group: active substances act as agents to enhance blood circulation in the genital area. Due to active blood flow to the penis erection is achieved much faster and persists for a long period. The drug action lasts at least four hours, which allows you to increase the duration of sexual intercourse five times! Sildenafil allows you to keep an erection for a prolonged sexual intercourse and helps to control the process of ejaculation. Penegra can be used to achieve a one-time effect. As auxiliary substances in the preparation contain natural components that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the reproductive system and the body as a whole. These components help to quickly restore strength, improve immunity and endurance, improve the well-being of men. The composition of the remedy is safe for health, the product is allowed to take even with hypertension.

    When Penegra Used?
    Penegra is designed to treat men with an erection disorder, also called impotency. In this condition, men do not have a normal erection, necessary for sexual intercourse. Penegra acts only in response to sexual arousal. Penegra does not affect reproductive function. Penegra can be used as an additional preparation for the complex treatment of prostatitis. Penegra is also suitable for preventing genito-urinary diseases and improving the quality of sexual life. Penegra can be bought by absolutely healthy men, as well as those of the stronger sex who have chronic diseases. To avoid the occurrence of side effects, men with renal insufficiency, liver, heart disease and diabetes mellitus are recommended to reduce the dose of the drug to 25 mg.
    Penegra vs Viagra
    Penegra increases erectile function, stabilizes the potency, improves sexual intercourse. Therefore, the drug is prescribed to men of any age with signs of impotence. The price for the original Viagra tablets is quite high. For today there is an analogue of the original - Penegra. It has exactly the same properties and is developed according to the production scheme. The only difference is that no clinical trials have been conducted on the drug, hence the low price. Penegra is easily tolerated and is completely safe for the male body.

    Penegra Reviews

    Best reviews about Penegra action by our real customers.

    Justin Brooke

    The principle of action of the drug Penegra is a rush of blood to the small pelvis for normalization of a stable and long erection. The medicine is very effective, it acts quickly and without any side effects.

    Ben Mottershead

    I was completely satisfied with action of Penegra, it acted quickly and efficiently, as stated. The price is several times lower than the original drug in the pharmacy.

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